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Lighting Guide: Architectural Track Lighting-TWO-CIRCUIT-MONORAIL-FREEJACK-CONNECTOR

How do I install the FreeJack System by TECH Lighting?

This is a general guide designed to help you create a TECH FreeJack system. Before you begin, you will need a rough plan of the lighting required for your project or a list of the pieces your client has requested. If you have any questions that are not answered by this tutorial, please contact us.

Tech Lighting FreeJack fixtures require a canopy for installation. There are several different types and styles of canopies that you can choose from which will allow you to mount pendants and/or heads. Please find the FreeJack Canopy options below:


When installing and using this system, please adhere to the following basic safety precautions:
- Read all instructions completely before beginning installation
- Turn off the electrical power at the panel before modifying the system in any way
- Do not install this system:
- In a wet or damp location
- With the fixtures located within six inches of combustible materials
- With the rail concealed or extended through a building wall

We recommend you hire a qualified, licensed electrician to install the system.

Visual Instruction:

The following tutorial explains how to adjust the height and re-wire your pendant(s):


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Why Choose LED?
Looking for a more energy efficient system? Traditional canopy/FreeJack systems can use up to 300+ watts of electricity when in use. The new high-performance, energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) systems can save you up to 83% in energy consumption when compared to halogen or incandescent systems. Each LED pendant or FreeJack head consumes only 5.8 watts of electricity comparred to 50+ watts for the same pendant or FreeJack head with an incandescent or halogen bulb. Ordering an LED system is easy. All hardware components are identical to the other low-voltage systems with the exception of the transformer. Simply piece together a regular FreeJack system and choose one of the transformers that end with LED.

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