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 Casablanca ceiling fan pays extremely close attention to detail. Starting with detailed design, they then conduct a meticulous manufacturing procedure, and finally a detailed evaluation of the finished product. The quality of detail that goes into every step of production ensures the best value for each ceiling fan. The quiet motors in each fan are durable and provide exceptional air movement to every room.

The CasaBlanca ceiling fan brand has made a long term commitment to quality and customer service and our site does the same. Our extensive line of Casablanca ceiling fans from contemporary to traditional, and transitional to outdoor ceiling offers variety to our customers. Want to customize your CasaBlanca ceiling fan? Choose from a wide selection of Casablanca ceiling fan accessories, glass and blade options, down rods and much more. If you still cant find what you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you!

For Every Season
CasaBlanca ceiling fans provide year-round energy efficiency and cost savings. In summer, a ceiling fan can cut air conditioning bills by as much as 40%. In winter, it can move heat trapped near the ceiling back into the living area, reducing heating costs by up to 10%. This is especially valuable in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings.

Easy Installation: Hang-Tru™ Canopy ensures quick installation on flat or sloped ceilings (up to 32°) and allows both hands to be used for installing wiring.
Stable Operation: Perma-Lock™ Downrod is a heavy-duty 3/4" design (not 1/2") for solid, wobble-free operation.
Advanced Technology: Sophisticated and reliable electronics provide convenient fan speed and light control for Comfort-Touch® and Inteli-Touch® models .
Greater Efficiency: Larger copper windings and taller stack height provide greater operating efficiency.
Motor Protection: Stator is coated with a protective varnish that resists damaging effects of humidity, indoors and outdoors.
Precision Engineering : Dynamically balanced rotor and shaft eliminate vibration and wobble.
Maintenance Free : Lifetime lubricated precision ball bearings ensure maintenance free performance.
Silent Operation: Silent-Flex® Flywheel contributes to smooth, noise-free operation .
Light Fixture Adaptable: Rugged die-cast Switch Housing provides seamless attachment of optional light fixtures.

Not all ceiling fans are created equal.
Before you purchase a ceiling fan there are some very important things you should know about how fans work in general and what makes some ceiling fans better than others.  Knowing what questions to ask is important so here are some comparison guidelines.

Shaking and wobbling have their place only on the dance floor.
Movers and shakers are great to watch on the dance floor but not on your ceiling.  There's nothing more annoying than a ceiling fan that wobbles. 

Ceiling fans should be seen and not heard.
An electric motor hum is a trademark of cheap fans and can be very trying on hot summer nights when you are trying to sleep.  Cheaper ceiling fans have stamped metal parts which an amplify buzzes or hums within the fan's motor housing.   Motors featuring heavy metal castings and precision sealed ball bearings top and bottom to ensure silent operation and a long maintenance-free life.

Don't let your ceiling fan leave you hot under the collar.
Just because a ceiling fan moves air doesn't mean it moves enough air to keep you comfortable.  The blade pitch (or angle) determines how much air is moved when the fan is on.  Some fans have blades with a very shallow pitch because their motors are not powerful enough to handle the extra demand made by steeper blade pitches. 

Ceiling fans should lower energy costs not raise them.

Rather than just offering you a cooling breeze on a hot summer day or recirculating ceiling-trapped hot air in the winter.  It is important when selecting a ceiling fan to make sure the motor is large enough to operate it efficiently or you won't enjoy comfort or energy savings.   Cheaper fans with smaller motors move less air--making them inefficient all around.

Look for a lifetime commitment
A very important part of your purchase decision should be the backup you receive after the ceiling fan is in your home.  Make sure the manufacturer has performed adequate testing and inspection at the factory level.  Ask about warranties and customer service.  CasaBlanca ceiling fans have one of the best warranties in the business and a customer service network which spans the country.  They'll even make house calls (within 30 miles of your dealer) within 120 days after purchase should you experience any problems.  Authorized CasaBlanca ceiling fan dealers are located near you and have been carefully selected and trained.  They are the experts and are pleased to help you in the selection of a ceiling fan to suit your exact requirements.

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